Hello and welcome to my world.
Abigail Yoo
About the Artist
Since 1999, I was known as Abigail Bradley. In 2016, I reclaimed my Korean surname and will be going forward as Abigail Yoo. I am a 2-D mixed media studio artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have been creating abstract paintings and murals for residential and commercial settings for over ten years. As a BFA graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, I am well-prepared in developing conceptual and visually appealing work. I have a reputation for customizing art within client preferences and surpassing expectations.

My use of mixed media is reflective of diverse influences I have encountered as an adoptee from Korea, a student of traditional Western art, and a user of ubiquitous computer technology. Digital cameras and photo editing tools allow me to creatively experiment in our modern age. I often combine traditional art materials, such as paint, with digital imagery in order to retain a sense of tactile authenticity. I use multiple layers and textural effects to depict ethereal dreamlike settings. I strive to create a sense of space even as I play with perspective in abstract ways. This site is a collection of selected paintings and drawings. Enjoy!